Need to Know

The Essentials

In here are the rules the plot the species list and the little things you need to know

6 5 Gambling
by Jasteam
Apr 7, 2020 21:08:50 GMT 8
General Info & Updates

Here you will find all the little bits of information you will need plus any updates with whats happening on the website for you.

19 25 Open Threads List (updated: 15th August)
by Alax
May 9, 2022 3:29:26 GMT 8
Members Corner

Only members can see this, come and introduce yourself and let us get to know you

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Staff Board

This here is where the staff board is. don't worry we won't talk about you.. at least not too much anyways

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Getting to know you

Character Creation

Here you will find the applications and you can post your app here, all of the denied applications will also be moved to here.

Sub-boards: Pending Applications, Incomplete Applications, Denied Applications

1 1 Application
Jul 7, 2012 22:23:59 GMT 8
Accepted Applications

This is where all of the accepted applications will be moved to. please wait to be accepted before roleplaying

Sub-boards: Accepted Vampire Diaries Characters, Accepted True Blood Characters, Accepted Supernatural Characters, Accepted Original Characters

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Adoption Center

In here you can find part written character apps that are available for adoption, simply reply to the posts within if you're interested. Remember though, don't take on more than you can handle.

1 1 Adoption Rules
by Deleted
May 27, 2013 20:56:53 GMT 8

Here you can make all your claims including face claim who plays who and all the others

5 7 Canon List
Sept 2, 2013 20:27:37 GMT 8
Character Development

Plot pages, wanted ads, technology, journals anything and everything to enhance your characters can be found here.

Sub-boards: Plotting Pages, Technology, Wanted Ads

33 393 Catra's Wanted (3 family; 1 love)
Jan 6, 2017 10:31:20 GMT 8
Character Trackers

Here you can keep track of your character in whatever way suits you.

8 32 Emma's Thread Tracker
by Mary Elise Winchester
Jan 28, 2016 7:01:39 GMT 8

Mystic Falls


This is where all of the people of Mystic Falls live. If you want a house added here please PM an admin and let them know

Sub-boards: Gilbert Residence, Salvatore Boarding House, Bennett Residence, Forbes Residence, Mikaelson Mansion, Rouan Manor, Alaric's Apartment, Moretti Residence

3 17 Nightmares and Flameless Candles
by Michael Raymond Shepard
Feb 7, 2016 1:49:01 GMT 8
Mystic Falls High school

This is the high school of this little town, all of the teenagers attend here

1 8 Another Painful Night [Kara]
by Kara Theadora Moretti
Jul 30, 2015 2:33:24 GMT 8
Wickery bridge

This here is Wickery Bridge, it's pretty fair to say that enough things have happened on here for people to not want to come at night

1 8 Written in the stars
by Alaric James Saltzman
Jan 27, 2016 5:36:53 GMT 8
Town square

This is the town square of Mystic Falls. A church, a few small shops. A generally nice place to be, during the day.

Sub-boards: Bella's, Out and about, Cyrano Bistro, The Cemetary, The Library

3 11 The Fighter (Axel/Dean)
by Joanna Beth Harvelle
Jan 11, 2017 18:43:42 GMT 8
Mystic Grill

This is the local hang out in Mystic Falls. Everyone ends up here for coffee or an alcoholic beverage

4 8 In dire need of a friend {Clea}
by Clea Rae Givens
Mar 27, 2016 23:47:34 GMT 8
Marion Motel

Just passing through? Book a room for the night.

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Virginia Police Department

Keeping the state of Virginia safe in these uncertain times.

1 8 Confrontation [Kara]
by Kara Theadora Moretti
Jul 29, 2015 5:46:14 GMT 8

Where you guys get your blood bags from.

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The Falls

The picturesque waterfalls that is Mystic Falls and its surrounding forest

1 2 I’ve Changed The Flow [Open]
by Clea Rae Givens
Apr 1, 2015 1:07:03 GMT 8
The Forest

Here is the forest surrounding this small town. Don't get lost out there there are too many animal attacks

1 5 ::Stefan:: Wrong Place....Wrong Time
by Kyla Daniella Carter
Mar 20, 2016 10:39:52 GMT 8



Boone's Roadhouse caters for all of a hunter's needs, whether it's booze, books or simply a bed for a night or two.

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Highway to hell

This highway connects the states.

2 8 Scares To Your Beautiful (Scare)
by Gregory 'Scare' Decker
Feb 9, 2017 2:57:26 GMT 8
Ashburn Town

The town of Ashburn may look peaceful during the daylight hours, but is it the same during the night?

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Hospitals are always needed where the supernaturals are concerned.

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Georgia Police Department

Do the Georgian Police Department know that they are stuck between two supernatural states?

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Somewhere to rest your head, while travelling through the states.

1 2 ::Sammy W:: Back In Black
by Sam Winchester
Jan 28, 2016 4:54:56 GMT 8

Bon Temps & Shreveport

Bon Temps

The small town of Bon Temps.

Sub-board: Residences

5 61 Think Good Thoughts (William)
by William Thomas Compton
Feb 11, 2017 22:26:26 GMT 8

Nightlife at its worst and best.

Sub-boards: Merlotte's, Fangtasia, Lou Pines

3 9 Escort services?
by Surrended Dad
Jun 27, 2019 21:03:32 GMT 8
The magic shop

Here lies the magic shop, witches don't exist though right? Well depending on what you believe you should come here for everything you need for your love spells

1 14 It's a kind of magic
by Aloysius Corwin
Mar 31, 2016 1:48:14 GMT 8
Down the street

For those aimless characters, who are not in a specific place. This also works as a general board that can apply to other places that do not have their own board.

Sub-boards: The Wild Hound Motel, Herveaux construction, The Garage

2 14 ::Charlotte:: Heroes Always Get Remembered
by Charlotte Rachael Hudson
Jan 26, 2017 18:55:30 GMT 8
The woods

Here is the dense trees that pass through both Bon Temps and Shreveport

1 2 On The Hunt [Sam]
by Sam Winchester
Jul 31, 2015 2:07:03 GMT 8
The graveyard

This cemetary lies bewteen the stackhouse residence and the compton mansion

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Alternative Universe

Different Dimension

This is places such as hell, heaven, anywhere else you can think of.

3 45 Window Gazer [Michael]
by Michael Raymond Shepard
Sept 1, 2015 3:41:40 GMT 8
Flash Backs

Past memories revisited.

2 4 We Did It All (Dean)
by Joanna Beth Harvelle
Jan 30, 2016 17:54:17 GMT 8
Fast Forward

Future events and possible spoilers.

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Lucid Dreams

Where your dreams come to life.

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Out of Character


Here you can put your advertisements. PB, IF, JCINK only please. Please post in the appropriate places


1,467 2,707 INVITE ME IN ⇝ TVD S5 & SPN S6 RPG
Nov 24, 2020 0:20:26 GMT 8

Come here to talk about anything, the games board is also in here

Sub-boards: OTMS, ABSENCES, Creative Writing, GAMES CORNER

76 762 Casino
by Francisco
Jun 27, 2021 15:42:14 GMT 8

Here you can come up with suggestions and ideas for the website guest friendly please don't be shy

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The shop area is where you can show off your art or skills with graphics or templates, you can also request items from the request board.

Sub-boards: Requests Board, Filled Requests, Show off

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Here all the dead and complete threads will be moved to, if you have finished a thread pm and admin


959 8,727 Secret Santa 2014: Mystic Falls
by Camila Rodriguez
Dec 23, 2014 9:06:53 GMT 8

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